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Label is included in another 2010-12-3cJC ^use1
Category 2007-7-18!! structure
Definition 2007-7-18pC pit aggregate
Best image 2007-7-18 pC


Description 2007-7-18pC a9 corresponds to two pits ( f298, f300) and their respective fill ( f299, f301); both pits are located in k4 and closed to each other

Volumetric localization
Locus 2007-7-18pC k4

Spatial aggregation
Nature 2007-7-18pC since the cut o both pits was visible in the eastern portion of k4 at the same elevation, we suppose these pits were made in the same period; therefore we think they can be related and be part of the same aggregate
Feature within aggregate 2007-7-18pC f298, f299, f300, f301

M99.NFunct 2007-7-18pC is not clear the function of those pits: inside the pit were found seeds and ash. Ritual pit?

Analogical record
Photo of view