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Category 2007-7-18!! surface
Definition 2007-7-18pC floor
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Description 2007-7-18mH Equal to ^p v2
2007-7-18pC a series of pebble floors located in front of the first three steps of staircase f130, dating to Third millennium: the pebble floors were found consecutively in only 67 cm thickness (top elevation of the first floor f215 is 86.98, the top elevation of the last floor f292 is 86.31), meaning that they were built during a short lass of time.

Volumetric localization
Locus 2007-7-18pC k100
2007-7-18pC k104

Spatial aggregation
Feature within aggregate 2007-7-18pC f130, f215, f258, f267, f276, f287, f292

M99.NFunct 2007-7-18pC This series of floors indicate a continuous use of the staircase and of the area in front of it in the Third millennium. The floors probably were damaged or covered and therefore made new