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Label is included in another 2011-11-18cJC ^accum2
Category 2005-8-17!! build-up
Definition 2005-8-17sC accumulation D
Best image 2010-12-30 cJC


Description 2005-8-17sC Same as f168.
2005-8-21sC accumulation in k15 that cover the whole area. The feature is characterized by a very soft, fine and loose texture, by a dusty consistence. In general the feature is characterized by a loose fine powder that rubs off and the soil matrix is rich in thiny stones. It is gray in color. It is the same of f168 (above it).

Volumetric localization
Locus 2005-8-17sC k15
Elevation 2005-8-17sC 9003 @bottom
2005-8-17sC 9023 @top

Contact association
Type of contact: Latest events 2005-8-3mH f168 (accumulation D) covers f193
2008-3-12pC f259 (isolated stone) sits in f193
Type of contact: Contemporary events/Movable items 2005-8-17sC q514 sits in f193
2005-8-17sC q518 sits in f193
2005-8-20aL q538 sits in f193
2005-8-20vVE q544 sits in f193
2005-8-28aA q649 sits in f193
2005-8-28aA q651 sits in f193
2005-8-28aA q659 sits in f193
2005-8-28aA q660 sits in f193
2005-8-29aA q674 sits in f193
2005-8-31aL q676 sits in f193
2005-8-31aA q682 sits in f193
2005-8-31sC q700 sits in f193
Type of contact: Latest events 2005-8-3mH f195 (accumulation B) abuts f193
2005-8-3mH f206 (accumulation D) abuts f193
Type of contact: Earliest events 2008-3-12pC f193 covers f273 (lense D)
2005-8-3mH f193 abuts f195 (accumulation B)
Inclusions 06-09-2016 !! frequencies of ceramic vessels and sherds included within feature

Time sequencing
Stratum to which element belongs 2011-11-11cJC s122J2B
Phase to which stratum belongs 2011-11-11cJC h7vJ2B
Stratigraphic reasons 2005-9-14mH Lower than f158 in k5 in elevation. I determined that f158 belonged to stratum 12b because of its nature. The dusty and soft consistency of f193 in turn implies stratum 12a.
Other reasons 2005-9-14mH Soft and dusty consistency
2011-11-21cJC This feature likely contains several strata of material. In v117 it appears to contain the brickfall in the southern-most part of k15, while the top elevaitons indicate it is probably beginning around the level of the later Mittani use areas (s155 s155mos) or possibly as high as the last Mittani use (s150 s150mos). Due to the uncertainty I have assigned it to the latest possible strata.

Color definition 2005-8-21sC light gray

Analogical record
Photo of view


Drawing of view




Removed 2010-8-8yM light gray
Notes on disposition 2010-8-8yM P831