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Description 2004-7-8mH west of k33, delimited by markers m3625, m3620, m3619, m3624
2008-3-7pC k33 was opened to follow the second apron to the west, but it was decided to stop excavating here. this locus was then excavated as a J3 locus

Recovery/Assignment and the Record
Daily 2004-7-11aP we started excavating this new square removing for the moment the top soil from all the surface ( f53, q113). The soil is hard and with a dark brown colour. Presence of grass and roots.
2004-7-12aP After going on removing top soil ( f53, q115) we found a new feature which is characterized by a quite harder soil with ashy traces, concentrated above all in the centre of the square. For the moment we started to dig the northern half ( f59, q127).
2004-7-13aP we are going down digging a new feature ( f60, q129 and q140). We changed feature since in this layer we do not notice the presence of ash which characterized f59.
2004-7-14aP we are going down removing the layer below top-soil ( f60, q144) from all the surface.
2004-7-15aP we went on removing just a surface of 1X4, near the northern baulk, trying to reach as soon as possible the stone wall exposed last year in JO1 ( f60, q159).

Volumetric localization
Space definition 2004-7-8mH m3624
Size of sides 2004-7-8mH 400 cms North, 400 cms East

Analogical record
Drawing of view