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Description 2008-3-7pC k84 is a regular 5x5 meters square, defined by markers m3822, m3823, m3824, m3821, m3670, m3664, m3815. This locus was opened to expose the eastern side of the staircase f130 and wall f129. It was then excavated as a J4 and J6 locus

Recovery/Assignment and the Record
Daily 2004-7-18aP we are removing the top soil from the southern part of the square (the German trench cuts the square from west to east). The feature ( f67, q184) is composed by very hard and compact soil with dark brownish colour, roots and pebbles of small medium size. About in the centre of the square we found many ashes but tomorrow (after a better cleaning) we'll give a new feature number.
2004-7-19aP cleaning the southern part of the square ( f67, q192) we found, near the eastern baulk, a tannur. The installation is f72, the filling is f73. Since we prefer to concentrate our efforts in k100 and k2 and k12 we moved the team and closed the square. We asked Ahmed to clean both the two small German trenches to the north from plants and roots for the kite picture.
2004-7-20aP we started to remove the northern baulk ( f77, q209) removing also the northern part of the square which is cut from east to west by the german trench which runs from east to west.
2004-7-25aP we are going down excavating a new feature ( f96, q250) which is underneath the northern baulk of k84, south to the stones in k83.
2004-7-26aP we are going down in the northern part of the square, the baulk area and the southern part of k83 ( f96, q264, q275, q275) and we remove the columns of soil below the stones in the northern part of k83 ( f107, q279).
2004-7-27aP before going down in the square we took a picture of the tannur near the eastern section ( f72) and we dug the filling of it ( f73, q306). We started to excavate this unit as the northern part of k101 considering k84 and k85 as parts of just one locus ( k101, f113, q300) but after we changed idea to preserve the section between k 84 and k85 and so we went down with f113, q312 in k84.
2004-7-28aP we are going down in the southern half of the unit ( f117, q314).

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