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Description 2004-7-7aP East of k100, north of k93, much of the top first meter of the square is taken by two German trenches. defined by markers m3674, m3672, m3683, m3684, m3671, m3685, m3675
2008-3-7pC k92 was opened to expose the terrace surface, but just under the topsoil was found bricky material and therefore stopped to excavate to wait for another season

Recovery/Assignment and the Record
Daily 2004-7-7aP we started to clean and dig k92 ( f36, q80) at the sides of the old German trench. The soil is medium loose and the colour is brown-reddish. Not much pottery and no bones. We stopped 25 cm. under the surface when we reached the bricky reddish material. In the northern part of the trench we dug f36, q80; in the southern part f33, q72.

Volumetric localization
Space definition 2004-7-7aP m3684
Size of sides 2004-7-7aP 400 cms West, 400 cms South

Analogical record
Drawing of view

Reference to Plot 2009-3-30pC p0003
2009-3-30pC p0008