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Description 2004-7-7aP South of k92, east of k100. Half of the top 1 meter of the square is taken by a German trench. defined by markers m3675, m3685, m3687, m3686, m3676, m3688
2008-3-7pC k93 was opened to expose the upper part of the staircase f130

Recovery/Assignment and the Record
Daily 2004-7-7aP we started to clean and dig k93 at the sides of the old German trench. Here the goal is reaching and exposing the stones of the western part of the monumental stair. The soil is composed by loose earth with few pottery and no bones. Today we dug f34, q73 and q82 and we reached the top of the stones of the highest part of the stair.
2004-7-8aP we levelled the plan exposing the stones ( f37, q91 and q93) and removing granular and bricky material with reddish colour. We removed also the pseudo-baulk left on the first days towards the big German trench ( f43, q94 and q98).
2004-7-11aP the goal for this square is following the lines of the stairs. Since now the soil is between the stone we decide to create a new feature ( f47, q101 and q105). The material between the stones has the same colour and the same consistency of that of f37 but since now we found it between the stones we decided to separate the features. On the northern part of k93, below the first step, we noticed a different kind of soil ( f48, q107). It's composed by crushed bricks and it's very granular and more reddish. Scraping the surface we found probable traces of whitish plaster and we took a sample for this material ( q107.1). Contemporary we decided to distinguish the southern part of k93 which soil seems softer ( f51, q110).
2004-7-12aP we are going on with the excavation of the southern part of the square exposing the steps of stair ( f51, q114 and q120).
2004-7-13aP yesterday we plotted the two eroded stones and today, after the picture, we removed them and the soil pedestal where they stayed ( f51, q135). On the other had we are going down with excavations in the southern part of the square ( f51, q132) reaching the lower steps.
2004-7-24aP we are removing the eastern baulk of k93 ( f88, q244).
2004-7-24mH Continued to remove the east baulk ( q244).
2004-7-25aP we are still removing the eastern baulk of k93 ( f88, q250) and the soil underneath the baulk ( f94, q253).

Volumetric localization
Space definition 2004-7-7aP m3687
Size of sides 2004-7-7aP 400 cms West, 400 cms South

Analogical record
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Photo of view



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Reference to Plot 2009-3-30pC p0003
2009-3-30pC p0008
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