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Label is included in another 2009-9-14cJC ^bf
Category 2005-8-17!! build-up
2009-2-20!! fill, dumping, collapse
Definition 2005-8-17sC accumulation
2009-2-20pC brickfall
Summary 2009-2-20pC brickfall related to a large collapse of a large structure to the east and found also in J6. It expands from east to West for 20 meters.
Best image 2007-7-13 pC


Description 2005-8-20vVE The brick debris of f188 is changing a little bit in colour. It consists more of grey clay than of red clay.
2005-8-21sC f188 has been assigned to the south-eastern area of k4 (250 cm E and 200 cm N from r509 and 200 cm N from m4084 and 600 cm E from m4084) and to the north baulk of k5 (g v91, g v91a). Here the soil is characterized by a coarse crumby structure and by the presence of broken bricks that give to the area a brown-reddish coloration. The feature is actually characterized by different shades of brown (i.e. yellowish brown, graysh brown). While excavating f188, the soil disintegrated into particles of different dimensions (aprox. Between 6-7cm and 2-3cm) and the consistence is generally medium-soft. f188 abuts f189, located on the south-western area of k4 (200 cm W and 200 cm N from r509): the upper boundary between them is sharp.

Recovery/Assignment and the Record
Argument 2005-8-20mH feature f188 located in the easter part of k4 is brick melt, whereas f189 in the west is brick crumble. Right on top of the stone feature f144 we have one line of brick extending from east to west, sloping down and east after the stones end and continuing east. This, I suspect, is then brick fall. The direction of the brick deposits seems to indicate a collapse from east to west. Perhaps this brick fall is related to the bricks seen next to f129 (door jamb) in the eastern section of k100.

Volumetric localization
Locus 2005-8-17sC k4
Relays 2005-8-17sC 509 (38985 50614 - 8948 / Relay location: top)
2005-8-17sC 510 (39049 50911 - 8952 / Relay location: top)
Elevation 2005-8-17sC 8902 @bottom
2005-8-17sC 8955 @top
D99.NVolmtrc 2005-8-17sC East of r509.

Contact association
Type of contact: Latest events 2005-8-3mH f181 (lense D) covers f188
2010-8-8yM f318 (lense D) overlays f188
Type of contact: Contemporary events/Movable items 2005-8-17sC q512 sits in f188
2005-8-18vVE q527 sits in f188
2005-8-20vVE q537 sits in f188
2005-8-20vVE q540 sits in f188
Type of contact: Latest events 2005-8-3mH f189 (accumulation) abuts f188
Type of contact: Earliest events 2008-3-12pC f188 covers f207 (accumulation D)
2008-3-12pC f188 covers f216 (layer)
2005-8-3mH f188 overlays f144 (wall)
2005-8-3mH f188 abuts f189 (accumulation)
2008-3-12pC f188 abuts f230 (accumulation D)
Inclusions 06-09-2016 !! frequencies of ceramic vessels and sherds included within feature

Time sequencing
Stratum to which element belongs 2011-11-11cJC s158J2B
Phase to which stratum belongs 2011-11-11cJC h7jJ2B
Stratigraphic reasons 2008-3-5pC large brickfall same as in J6
Other reasons 2005-9-14mH Gradual bricky build-up on the south side of f144.
2011-5-16cJC Part of large brickfall ^bf, covers f144 so part of later brickfall phase
2011-11-21cJC Upper level of brickfall

Color definition 2005-8-21sC dark graysh brown
2005-8-21sC strong brown
2005-8-21sC yellowish brown
Hardness 2005-8-17sC medium

Analogical record
Photo of view




Photo of view

Drawing of view




Drawing of view

Reference to Plot 2009-3-30pC p0011

Removed 2010-8-8yM p0011
Storage 2005-8-17sC P822
Notes on disposition 2010-8-8yM P814