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Processed on 06-09-2016
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Label is included in another 2012-10-16cJC ^pv2
Category 2005-9-1!! surface
Definition 2005-9-1aL pavement C
Best image 2008-3-6 pC

A98.NDesignation 2009-9-18mKB previously designated as Pebble Floor number 2

Description 2005-9-3aL walking floor in k100 composed by pebbles of medium-small dimension mixed with sherd. Texture fine and soft surface.

Volumetric localization
Locus 2005-9-1aL k100
Elevation 2005-9-1aL 8633 @bottom
2005-9-1aL 8640 @top

Contact association
Type of contact: Latest events 2008-3-12pC f276 (pavement C) overlays f287
2009-8-30cJC f382 (cut) cuts f287
Type of contact: Contemporary events/Movable items 2005-9-3aL q733 sits in f287
Type of contact: Latest events 2008-3-12pC f304 (accumulation A) abuts f287
Type of contact: Earliest events 2008-3-12pC f287 overlays f291 (accumulation D)
2008-3-12pC f287 overlays f292 (pavement C)
Inclusions 06-09-2016 !! frequencies of ceramic vessels and sherds included within feature

Time sequencing
Stratum to which element belongs 2011-11-11cJC s670J2B
Phase to which stratum belongs 2011-11-11cJC h3jJ2B
Stratigraphic reasons 2005-9-14mH Associated with the three lower steps of f130, which must be structurally later than the terrace wall.
Typological reasons 2005-9-14mH Two shape sherds dating to Phase h1-J h1JPA.
2009-9-18mKB q733- p1 conical cup; - p2 coarse globular jar
Other reasons 2005-9-14mH Pebble floor no.2
2011-11-21cJC Pebble floor of transition between late Ninevite 5 and early EDIII. mKB dates it to EDIII based on ceramics
I99.NTime 2005-9-12mKB only 2 shape sherds in this feature, 1 conical cup and 1 jar, both Phase h1-J h1JPA
2009-9-18mKB probably Phase 3s

Ware/Material 2005-9-1aL ~pebble, sand
Color definition 2005-9-1aL grayish brown
Color number 2005-9-1aL 10YR5/2
Hardness 2005-9-1aL soft
Texture 2005-9-1aL fine
Notes on typology 2009-9-18mKB only 2 shape sherds

Analogical record
Photo of view




Photo of view





Storage 2005-9-1aL P903