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Date Author Record
2008-07-12 lH bKP couldn`t install the southeastern point of excavation limit of k23 because it was obscured by the berm. So we removed part of the berm; then we installed the missing point using other survey markers. Then we relayed the point so that it could be used in plotting features that we excavated. [Input file: S712LH.j]
2008-07-16 lH bWP removed the SE point of the southern bulk of k23, m4673. [Input file: S716LH1.j]
2008-07-28 lH During the removal of the eastern baulk of k34, we removed the marker in the middle of its western section, m4790. [Input file: S728LH.j]
2008-07-29 lH bWP re-established the southern line of the north baulk of k22, so it conforms with the co-ordinate system we are using to excavate. Also she put three new markers in the southern and western sections of k34, and in the northern section of its eastern baulk. [Input file: S729LH.j]
2008-08-03 lH bWP installed three new markers in the north, east and south sections of k33. She didn`t put a marker at the western baulk because we will remove it soon. [Input file: S803LH.j]
2008-08-04 lH bWP installed the markers for the four new loci(k13, k14, k3, k4) to the west of k24 and k23. In k22, while we were removing the rest of the northern baulk, we removed the northwesterm marker of it, m4881. In the western section of k34, we removed m4879 while we were removing the eastern baulk of k44. [Input file: S804LH.j]
2008-08-10 jW Corner stakes m4667 and m4749 removed because they were loose and a tripping hazard to workmen who had to use that baulk to remove backdirt from eastern loci. [Input file: S810JW.j]
2008-08-13 jW Markers m4972, m4673, m4903, and m4771 loosened and removed. Surveyor hB extended the south boundary of k100 westward to its intersection with the southern boundary of k32. Surveyor hB measured the distance between the first escarpment J1f189, and the escarpment, f74, in J5. The horizontal distance is 18.9 meters and f74 is 2.2 meters above J1f189. [Input file: S813JW.j]
2008-08-14 jW Markers m4674, m4716, and m4828 loosened and removed. [Input file: S814JW.j]
2008-08-18 jW Markers m4991 and m4927 loosened and removed. Relayed excavation limits for expansion of f100. Installed control points for excavation of escarpment. [Input file: S818JW.j]
2008-08-19 jW Markers m4805, m4741, m4752, m4825, and m4827 removed during baulk clearance. Markers m6014, m6015, m6016, and m6017 installed to facilitate geo-referencing of photographs v96 and v97 prior to drawing multiple stone features. [Input file: S819JW.j]
2008-08-20 jW Markers m4904, m4855, m4961, and m6016 were loosened and removed. [Input file: S820JW.j]
2008-08-21 jW Removed markers m4968, m4829, m4425, m4906, m4959, and m4960 because of baulk removals. [Input file: S821JW.j]
2008-08-23 jW Markers m4969, m4424, and m4426 loosened amd removed. [Input file: S824JW.j]
2008-08-26 jW Markers m4322 and m4886 loosened and removed. hB took and processed relays for k101 that we were unable to measure. [Input file: S826JW.j]
2009-07-19 jW The surveyor established and measured a number of new control points so that we could relay along the corridors of loci k104 and k105. [Input file: T719JW.j]
2009-07-21 jW Surveyor Adib installed new markers along the east end of the north face of k100. fAB, gB, and jW discussed putting markers on the south side of the revetment wall to measure objects close to k100. fAB authorized the use of dirt-filled chawals into which is inserted a wooden stake. [Input file: T721JW.j]
2009-07-26 jW dM took a photo of a corner stake to show the advantage of the two-prong design. The soil surrounding the front prong had been excavated but the stake was still held securely in place by the back prong. [Input file: T726JW.j]
2009-08-11 jW We removed the following markers from J5 because we excavated the features in which they were installed: m6112, m6113, m6114, m6137, and m6175. [Input file: T811JW.j]
2009-08-15 jW Since the production of surveyed points has been delayed this season, the surveyor measured, with the level, the elevation of a number of key features in the unit, including parts of wall, f41; revetment wall, f189; and escarpments ^esc1 and ^esc2. [Input file: T815JW.j]
2009-08-24 jW On T823, aAJ took 17 relays and 24 elevations on various features and loci. [Input file: T824JW.j]
2009-08-25 jW jAA measured 50 relays. [Input file: T825JW.j]
2009-08-26 jW aAJ took 50 additional relays of the important stonework in the unit. [Input file: T826JW.j]