Urkesh Ceramic Analysis
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Marilyn Kelly-Buccellati – August 2023


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The concept

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Applications to ceramics

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Data overview

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Two charts give an overview of the ceramics presented in the book. The Shapes by Horizon chart presents the totals found in the horizon catalogs which have a total of 1522 illustrated sherds1. The chart is broken down by horizon and then by basic shapes of the excavated vessels and sherds.

1a. Shapes by horizon, histogram (March 2017, L. Recht)
1b. Shapes by horizon, numbers (March 2017, L. Recht)

The second chart displays separately the number of both body sherds and shape sherds analyzed from selected excavation units. From these units we have completed the analysis of 319,902 sherds (not including ceramic items and q-items. While not all the units are represented in the present version of the Ceramics Book, the ceramic analysis has been completed so that the ceramic data will become available as soon as the stratigraphic analysis is completed.

2. Analyzed sherds from selected units (August 2017, L. Recht)

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  1. This number differs from the one found in the Horizon index statistics because it is based on the individual horizon catalogs (rather than the cross-horizon catalog); in addition, some sherds appear in more than one page (e.g. both as illustrating a certain kind of bowl and a type of rim) and the number here therefore reflects the number of illustrations. For more details about the totals, see the horizon index. Back to text

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