Urkesh Ceramic Analysis

Shapes by typology: whole vessels


Laerke Recht – September 2016

This section presents a selection of complete and nearly complete ceramic vessels found in the excavations at Mozan/Urkesh. Rather than a chronological overview, this is intended to illustrate the types of complete vessels found and give a sense of the combination of shape, ware, decoration and size. Different views of some of the vessels are also offered, and the addition of photographs provides details not always conveyed in drawings. As might be expected, many of these vessels come from mortuary contexts and the Outer City, and several have been restored in the field from fragments.

Detailed information about each vessel can be obtained by clicking its item number.

An explanation of drawing conventions can be found in the attributes introduction . Drawings from the earliest seasons may look slightly different, and discrepancies in measurements are usually due to those taken by the ceramic analyst and draftsman separately.

The total number of items in this corpus is 405

whole vessels

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