Unit Book J5


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Roster Date Author Record
Best image 2009-03-13 jW [Input: T313JW.j]



Roster Date Author Record
Description (summary) 2008-07-20 lH This locus was the expected location of link between the monumental staircase, f21, and the stonework of locus k44. [Input: S720LH1.j]



Roster Date Author Record
Daily notes about recovery of elements 2008-07-16 lH We started to excavate the topsoil, f15. A clay figurine of a female body was found among this feature, i8. [Input: S716LH1.j]
2008-07-18 lH The excavation continuing in this locus. Under the topsoil there is a new natural accumulation, f17. [Input: S718LH.j]
2008-07-19 lH We removed the natural accumulation, f17, which was covering another natural accumulation, f29, which looks lighter and softer. [Input: S719LH.j]
2008-07-20 lH We planed to stop excavating the whole locus after we reach the depth of 9200, but when we measured the depth, it was already 9190. Then we began to excavate only the north half using the big pick. [Input: S720LH.j]
2008-07-21 lH bWP put new markers in the northern half of this locus. We continued removing the natural accumulation, f29, to find a new feature under it, f42. It looks very compact, and similar to the floor accumulation , f34, above the floor, f39, in k23. We photographed the new feature, v24, so we could remove it -using the big pick. After removing the last mentioned feature, we found a new feature, f45. It`s a kind of highly compacted floor, type b, full of nodules and pottery sherds among reddish soil. It reminds us of the floor of k23, f39. So we took a new photo for it, v25. [Input: S721LH.j]
2008-07-21 mO we saw new feature similar to f34 in k23 and in same elevation, we gave it new number f42. [Input: S721MO.j]
2008-07-23 lH we stop excavating the northern half of this locus to preserve the floor which was discovered in it, f45, and which was covered by a floor accumulation was full of pottery sherds dated back to the Middle Assyrian period. After protecting the natural floor, f45 with sheets of plastic, we started digging natural accumulation, f29, in southern half of the locus to expose the natural floor, f45. Assuming that floor, f45 extends throughout the locus we will remove only the southern half to expose the staircase, f21.remove it in this half to follow the continuity of the staircase. [Input: S724LH.j]
2008-07-24 lH We are continuing removing the natural accumulation, f29, in the southern half of k34. The floor accumulation, f42, was excavated and then we cleaned the natural floor, f45, which extended across the entire locus, for a photograph, v43. Then, we began to excavate the floor, f45 in the southern half. Pickman kHussein noted that f45 was laminar, had been formed by successive actions of water, and highly compacted (sherds generally lay flat) by foot traffic. [Input: S724LH1.j]
2008-07-26 lH We focused on excavating the southern part, to keep the natural floor, f45, in the northern half for the moment. After removing the rest of the last mentioned feature in the southern half of this locus, we found a new feature that formed by lamination, f63. The collected pottery was various (dotted decoration, red slip, imitation metal ware..). [Input: S726LH.j]
2008-07-28 lH We photographed this locus in v39, to show the sequnce of its features, the floor, f45, in the northern half of it, and the laminated natural accumulation, f63, in the southern half. Then we drew and photographed the section of the eastern baulk, w4 and v38. We did the same for the section of the northern baulk, w5 and v40. We drew and photographed The sections in order to remove the eastern baulk of this locus, which we started with after the breakfast. [Input: S728LH.j]
2008-07-29 lH After removing the rest of the eastern baulk, we started to excavate the southern half of the baulk, where we found two new lines of stones, which form staircase, f21. The first step(which is the fourth in the staircase) is formed by three flat stones. It was distinguished by a horizontal circular hole in the western section - in the south half of the second stone face. The hole could have been previously used as a door socket or a pole to support a light roof. The hollowed stone may not be in situ, but reused. The second line of stones that formed the second newly descovered step, includes two stones, with a rough surface. To the west of the last mentioned step, which is the fifth step in the staircase, f21, we found a new feature, f70, under the lamination of f63. The new feature seems very compact and flat. Its elevation is 9090 which is the same as the top of the revetment wall, f3. We photographed the wide view, v44, of k24 and k34, and the relationships between the staircase and the floor which abuts it, f45. Then, we dug below the northern half of the eastern baulk of k34 and recovered new stones, that are a part of stone installation, f14, and located at the north border of the lowest step of staircase, f21. [Input: S729LH.j]
2008-08-06 lH We started excavating the eastern baulk of this locus. We removed the topsoil, f55, and the upper natural accumulation, f59, as one feature, f103. We removed the natural accumulation of f94 as separate feature for chronological and pottery typological reasons. The last mentioned accumulation may be linked with the Middle Assyrian floor accumulation, f42, in k34. Tomorrow we will remove the Mittani features, f98 and f100, as a third separate feature. [Input: S806LH.j]
2008-08-23 jW After a false start to excavate a 100cm-wide test trench along the staircase [Input: S824JW.j]
2008-08-24 lH We continued excavating the southern part of the lamination, f128, that abuts the last step of the staircase, f21. This lamination was covered by the compact flat surface, f70. It`s covering the laminar accumulation, f135. [Input: S824LH2.j]
Strategy (projected or implemented) 2008-08-02 jW Score, draw and photograph the west section of locus k34 in lieu of the east section of k44, which is obstructed by several lines of stones. Then, remove it to better understand the relationship among the stone installations of k44, the staircase, f21, and the accumulations between them, f42, f45, f63, and f70 [Input: S802JW.j]

Volumetric Localization

Roster Date Author Record
Elements within locus 2008-07-16 dL f15 (topsoil) [Input: S914LH.j]
2008-07-17 dL f17 (accumulation D) [Input: S914LH.j]
2008-07-19 dL f29 (accumulation D) [Input: S914LH.j]
2008-07-21 dL f42 (accumulation A) [Input: S914LH.j]
2008-07-22 mO f45 (floor, type b) [Input: S914LH.j]
2008-07-26 lH f63 (floor, type b) [Input: S914LH.j]
2008-07-28 dL f67 (volumetric material) [Input: S914LH.j]
2008-07-29 sNP f70 (floor, type b) [Input: S914LH.j]
2008-08-17 jW f152 (isolated stone) [Input: S914LH.j]
2008-07-16 mO i8 (figurine) [Input: T323JW.j]
2008-07-23 dL i20 (uncertain) [Input: T323JW.j]
2008-07-30 sNP i22 (figurine) [Input: T323JW.j]
2008-07-30 dL i24 (tool) [Input: T323JW.j]
2008-07-16 dL q19 (pottery) [Input: S716MO2.j]
2008-07-17 dL q25 (pottery), q27 (pottery) [Input: S719MO1.j]
2008-07-19 mO q31 (pottery) [Input: S719MO1.j]
2008-07-20 sNP q39 (pottery) [Input: S720DL2.j]
2008-07-21 dL q46 (bones, pottery), q50 (bones, pottery) [Input: S721DL2.j]
2008-07-23 mO q65 (pottery) [Input: S723DL3.j]
2008-07-23 sNP q69 (pottery) [Input: S723DL3.j]
2008-07-24 sNP q72 (pottery), q77 (pottery), q80 (bones, pottery) [Input: S726DL2.j]
2008-07-26 dL q81 (pottery), q84 (pottery), q86 (pottery) [Input: S726DL2.j]
2008-07-26 lH q88 (pottery) [Input: S726DL2.j]
2008-07-28 dL q92 (bones, pottery) [Input: S728DL.j]
2008-07-29 dL q93 (pottery), q97 (pottery), q98 (pottery) [Input: S729DL1.j]
2008-07-29 sNP q101 (pottery), q102 (pottery) [Input: S729DL1.j]
2008-07-30 sNP q105 (bones, pottery), q107 (pottery), q108 (pottery), q113 (pottery), q114 (pottery) [Input: S730DL2.j]
2008-08-21 dL q240 (bones, pottery) [Input: S823DL1.j]
2008-08-23 sNP q243 (pottery) [Input: S823DL1.j]
2008-08-23 dL q246 (pottery) [Input: S823DL1.j]
2008-08-24 sNP q250 (pottery), q251 (bones, pottery) [Input: S824DL.j]
2008-08-25 dL q254 (bones, pottery), q255 (pottery) [Input: S825DL1.j]
2009-08-03 sE q344 (bones, pottery) [Input: T805SE1.j]
2009-08-03 eA q345 (bones, items, pottery) [Input: T805SE1.j]
2009-08-05 jN q350 (items, pottery) [Input: T805SE1.j]
2009-08-06 eA q352 (pottery) [Input: T810SE2.j]
Relays (applicable to elements) 2008-07-20 sNP r190 (43792 45721 - 9196 / Relay location: W nail) [Input: S720MO-R.j]
2008-07-20 sNP r191 (43647 46091 - 9188 / Relay location: E nail) [Input: S720MO-R.j]
2008-07-28 dL r314 (43837 46169 - 9225 / Relay location: E marker) [Input: S728DL3R.j]
2008-07-28 dL r315 (43984 45795 - 9225 / Relay location: W marker) [Input: S728DL3R.j]
2008-07-28 sNP r306 (43837 46169 - 9225 / Relay location: N marker) [Input: S728DL3R.j]
2008-07-28 sNP r307 (43471 46028 - 9225 / Relay location: S marker) [Input: S728DL3R.j]
2008-08-03 dL r397 (43619 45656 - 9230 / Relay location: S marker) [Input: S803DL3R.j]
2008-08-03 dL r398 (43984 45794 - 9229 / Relay location: N marker) [Input: S803DL3R.j]
2009-08-23 jG r1525 (43728 46166 - 9126 / Relay location: NE corner) [Input: T823JW-R.j]
2009-08-23 jG r1526 (43793 45915 - 9084 / Relay location: NW corner) [Input: T823JW-R.j]
Extension of locus or q-lot 2008-07-20 lH m4741 [Input: S720LH1.j]
Length of two sides 2008-07-20 lH 500 E [Input: S720LH1.j]
2008-07-20 lH 500 N [Input: S720LH1.j]


Analogical Record

Roster Date Author Record
View/drawing of locus

2008-07-16 lH [Input: S716LH.j]

2008-07-16 lH [Input: S716LH.j]

2008-07-21 lH [Input: S722LH.j]

2008-07-21 lH [Input: S722LH.j]

2008-07-27 sNP [Input: S819DL2.j]

2008-07-28 sNP [Input: S819DL2.j]

2008-07-30 lH [Input: S730LH.j]

2008-07-30 lH [Input: S730LH.j]

2008-07-30 lH [Input: S730LH.j]

2008-07-30 lH [Input: S730LH.j]

2008-07-30 lH [Input: S730LH.j]

2008-08-02 lH [Input: S802LH1.j]

2008-08-02 lH [Input: S802LH1.j]

2008-08-02 lH [Input: S802LH1.j]

2008-08-03 sNP [Input: S819DL2.j]

2008-08-09 lH [Input: S809LH.j]

2008-08-09 lH [Input: S809LH.j]

2008-08-11 lH [Input: S811LH.j]

2008-08-11 lH [Input: S811LH.j]

2008-08-11 lH [Input: S811LH.j]

2008-08-11 lH [Input: S811LH.j]

2008-08-11 lH [Input: S811LH.j]

2008-08-11 lH [Input: S811LH.j]

2008-08-14 jW [Input: S823JW.j]

2008-08-14 jW [Input: S823JW.j]

2008-08-14 jW [Input: S823JW.j]

2008-08-14 jW [Input: S823JW.j]

2008-08-25 lH [Input: S825LH.j]

2008-08-25 lH [Input: S825LH.j]

2008-09-19 jW [Input: S919JW.j]

2008-09-19 jW [Input: S919JW.j]

2008-09-22 jW [Input: S922JW.j]

2008-09-22 jW [Input: S922JW.j]

2009-03-23 jW [Input: T323JW1.j]

2009-03-30 jW [Input: T330JW1.j]

2009-08-02 jN [Input: T805SE2.j]

2009-08-02 jN [Input: T805SE2.j]

2009-08-02 jN [Input: T805SE2.j]

2009-08-05 sE [Input: T810SE1.j]

2010-08-12 jW [Input: U812JW.j]