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Roster Date Author Record
Description (summary) 2010-02-14 sC In stratum s16b just occasional activities seems to take place within the area where the J04 unit was set; these are represented by a pit and its fill (f136, f137) in k100. Besides this pit, there are no evidence of activities carried out in J04 unit, probably as a consequence of the brickfall bf^2 that interested J06, J02 and the south portion of J04 unit (cfr. J06 bf^2). The pit f136 cuts f121 (as visible in v84c and v91), and its fill is rich of ash and organic material. [Input: U214SC2.j]
2010-02-14 sC Minor use of area after fire and bf^2 in J06 [Input: U214SC2.j]
2010-02-14 sC Minor use of area [Input: U214SC2.j]