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Staff for unit J5

September 2009 - James Walker
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     You will find below a list of the individuals directly involved in the excavations of unit J5, of those who served in a supporting role, and of those involved in the analysis of the finds.
     You will find in the Mozan sitewide digital book some general comments on the significance of team work in our project, on the nature of the tasks reflected in the titles we use, and on the importance we lay on the identification of authorship.
     Also in the Mozan digital book you will find a list of the sitewide support staff whose contributions have been of course just as indispensable for the proper functioning of the overall J5 operation.
     If no year is indicated, then that person's tenure was for all the seasons of excavation in J5.

Overall direction of excavations
Director, stratigraphy and publication      Giorgio Buccellati
Director, typology      Marilyn Kelly-Buccellati
Field Director      Federico Alessandro Buccellati (2009)
Assistant Director of Excavations      Federico Alessandro Buccellati (2008)

Unit staff
Unit director James Walker

Unit associates Stefania Ermidoro (2009)
Lojain Hatahet (2008)

Unit assistants Elena Asero (2009)
Daniele Lampasona (2008)
Jeanne Nijhowne (2009)
Silvia Privitera (2008)

Excavators      Ibrahim al-Ahmed (2008-2009)
     Mas'oud Bijou(2008)
     Ahmed Hawaz (2009)
     Mizar Hawaz (2009)
     Majid Hessu(2008)
     Ali Hilal (2008)
     Kamiran Hussein (2008)
     Hussein Husseini (2008)
     Anwar Khalaf (2009)
     Amer Muhammad(2008)
     Su'ar Muhammad (2009)