Unit Book A15


Processed on 2024-03-21

Date Author Record
2001-06-23 okk Notes on numbering of squares - after discussion with gb, mkb & fab, we decided to number the squares from the N to the S, the westernmost squares 1-4, the easternmost 11-14. The rationale is as a mnemonic device, so that it is easier to remember that k1 is next to k11, and so on. Another consideration is that if new squares are opened to the south they may be opened sequentially. [Input: L629OKK.J]
2001-07-30 okk After the removal of baulks and the addition of the southern squares k5,k15 there is very little access between the northern area and the southern area. So we have decided that sb will start with a separate set of pottery q-lot numbers so that it won't be so difficult to manage. She will start with q1000. Currently southern A15 is in the 500 sequence, and Jim started at q600, so there will likely be gaps between the pottery lots. [Input: L730okk1.j]
2001-09-15 okk Due to a miscommunication with yt, there was an overlapping of the drawing numbering sequence. The number of the file label of a few of the files will not correspond with the number written on the scan. The following is a list of the changes. w16 was changed from w5; w17 was changed from w6; w18 was changed from w4; w19 was changed from w14. [Input: L915okk2.j]