Unit Book A15


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Best image 2038-06-16 jW [Input: ZH616jW.j]



Roster Date Author Record
Description (summary) 2001-06-25 okk First square in N, numbers running N-S. The western extent of excavation. [Input: L916okk2.j]



Roster Date Author Record
Daily notes about recovery of elements 2001-06-26 okk After completing the pass at levelling we saw the top of wall f6 continuing to the south. After speaking to gb, we decided to stop excavating in this square until we have levelled k11 and are closer to the same elevation in k11 as in k1. [Input: L629OKK.J]
2001-06-27 okk After having Achmad come over to work with us from A16 we were able to continue excavating in this square, looking for a floor surface. [Input: L629OKK.J]
2001-06-28 okk Achmad worked in this area today. He began levelling from W to E and found a beaten earth floor about halfway across the square, extending over the eastern half of the square. [Input: L629OKK.J]
2001-06-28 okk Achmad worked in this area today. He began levelling from W to E and found a beaten earth floor about halfway across the square, extending over about the eastern half of the square. [Input: L708okk.j]
2001-07-01 okk We decided to excavate the ac in the N baulk and into A16 as it is the northern part of a single room, a2. Hussein excavated about 10 cm until the wall face, leaving a few centimeters of ac in order to preserve the white plaster on the wall face. Faris then excavated near to the eastern wall f7, looking for a clear wall line and face. It now appears that the wall f7 may not be complete, but instead may have a break which could be a doorway. [Input: L709okk.j]
2001-07-01 sb We started digging the N baulk and taking over in A16 to fully excavate the room we share. The accumulation in the room is still f5 as it was in k1 although it is much higher, stepping up towards the N wall of the room running E-W. The E-W wall in new f37=A16f18, the N-S wall(W)f6 =A16f19, and the N-S wall(E)f7 =A16f20. f18, f19, f20 = A16a3. We have taken relays from A16 for this part of the room. [Input: L709okk.j]
2001-07-11 okk While excavating in this corner Faris found a large complete quern which appears to be sitting on floor f21 as well as pot smashes of pieces of four vessels. These are: a bowl, a flare-necked jar, a medium storage type jar and another type of vessel, which were found right up against the wall f7. South of the quern in this area was found a small seal impression i28 which shows a seated figure next to a standing animal. In this case we gave all of the vessels item numbers, and triangulated them so that we would have a precise distribution. Today there there was also further excavation in f68, the accumulation on floor f71. f71 appears at this point not to continue northwards. [Input: L722okk.j]
2001-07-14 okk Today we excavated a small area in the E baulk of k1, where the end of wall f7 was particularly unclear. We cut back to the perceived line of the wall, but then saw that it did seem to continue further southwards. This wall continues to the line of the wadi bed, f40. It also has a single brick which forms a corner to the east. [Input: L714okk.j]
2001-07-23 okk In k1 we are continuing to uncover the burial aggregate 5, the child burial as well as to continue to excavate in the pit f17. It isn't entirely clear what the eastern limit of f17 is, because there seems to be a floor that comes up near to it and there is still a question as to whether the pit goes underneath the floor or not. In k1 we will continue to excavate the burial, take pictures and remove it and continue to dig and look for the large pit which lies beneath us. We have also noticed today that the small burial, probably the child burial, appears to be in the fetal position, although the head seems to be rotated and the jaw is underneath the head. [Input: L727okk.j]
2001-07-25 sb Today we are digging into the western part of square, into large pit f131. Also clearing and levelling the E part of k1, where we found burial f124 three days ago. Yesterday another burial was found, damaged, towards the N, and today another skull with a small pot just below the gully wash f82. So we have a grave. [Input: L729okk.j]
2001-07-29 sb west half of k1 + 1m baulk from A13. Today we cleaned well for the photo the horizontal plan. [Input: L818okk.j]
2001-07-30 sb Today we dug out the small piece of pebbled floor of 70x40, against the E section, f175, after taking a photo. We took a photo at 5:30 of the floor found yesterday under f147, new f147. This is a beaten earth floor with scattered, small pieces of stones and sherds. In A15v_ we see that and the floor next to it, f162, that has provided lots of pottery. This f162 was 15cm higher than f174, so after the photo it was dug out to see if the floor continues under it. While digging out f162 we found another level, just beaten earth, a well defined layer. We dug this out, just 10 cm (so f177 is P1) and found a large stone floor, seems same level as f174. There is a large decorated jar, with a small pot inside, its hollow with a break. It is sitting on a possible floor that is approximately 20 cm below the pebble floor, now all of f174. New feature lower floor, with this feature, f181. New floor for accumulation above that floor, and below the level of large pebble floor f180. This accumulation turned out to be accumulation within a burial, because the large jar is burial _. The cut of the burial is quite visible to the E of large jar. [Input: L818okk.j]
2001-07-31 sb In k1 we dug a few cm of f161, the ac next to f174 (floor), and the same floor extends all the way north until the pit cut. We started removing the baulk between k1&k2, assigned it f186. We found a burial, the structure is f187. The fill is f188. Since it's difficult to take relays we only took i60, & i61, two small pots, and not the bones, under the two pots, and not a bronze. The burial is a21: f187, f188 fill in bu, i60, i61, i62 ma, i63 hb. [Input: L823okk.j]
2001-08-02 sb Last day of excavation, we are concentrating all effort on finding the continuation of the wall running E-W of the A13 courtyard. We are digging in a space of 3x4 m. Found the threshold yesterday and some large stones this morning. The soil on top of this wall (f197), till the pit to the north is extremely clean, reddish brown, with no sherds, no bone, no charcoal. To the S of wall instead it's grey & red, with lots of ash pockets. Made a new f213. The door stones are f210, and the ash grey accumulation layer to the S of pit is f209. [Input: L823okk.j]
2001-08-29 jlw began removing the fill, f365, from the pit whose cut is clearly seen in section above the plaza floor, f216. [Input: L829jlw2.j]
2001-08-30 jlw continued to excavate the fill, f365, from the pit in the far NE corner. There was a relatively large quantity of pottery from such a small volume of material. Reached reddish, crumbly material, f366, that looks like the material used elsewhere to level floors, and traces of baked brick, which we have seen below the extension of the plaza floor, f216, in parts of A16 to the northwest. [Input: L830jlw.j]
2001-09-01 jlw finished excavating the fill, f365, from the pit, a55, in the far NE corner. Cleaned and photographed. Inspected with gb, fab, and the Syrian representative, with particular emphasis on the material between the stones and the baked bricks that are just beginning to appear. It seems that they stopped digging the pit just after the stones were reached. The stones themselves were apparently removed at the time the pit was dug. [Input: L901jlw2.j]
Strategy (projected or implemented) 2001-06-26 okk We will continue the first pass at levelling the square, and excavate f5, the accumulation in this locus which contains the vessel and lithic artifact (basalt weight). [Input: L629OKK.J]
2001-06-26 okk We will continue the first pass at levelling the square, and excavate f5, the accumulation in this locus which contains a large vessel and grinding stone. [Input: L708okk.j]
2001-06-28 okk continue levelling from W to E in accumulation f21. We are still looking for floor in this area. [Input: L629OKK.J]
2001-07-05 okk To continue excavating f54, the brickfall which is on top of walls f37 and f84. We will have Faris excavate a 1/2 m area from the western extent of the brickfall to the eastern extent. The goal is to clarify the N-S wall and E-W that are from A16k7 and k8 and are now in k100. They are both poorly preserved and so are not entirely clear until we can see the wall face. [Input: L706okk.j]
2001-07-11 okk At this point we will leave the pot smashes and expose the face of wall f7, then take a picture tomorrow before removing the pots. [Input: L722okk.j]
2001-07-11 okk Part of the strategy in k1 this morning was to dig in the eastern baulk to find the face of wall f7 and expose more of the floor f21 and see if the floor goes up to bottom of wall f7. [Input: L722okk.j]
2001-07-22 okk The strategy in k1 is to excavate in f107, beneath floor f21. Here we expect to find more floor layers and the boundaries of the top of pit f17. [Input: L722okk.j]
2001-08-30 jlw on L901 we will finish removal of the last of the fill and clean thoroughly for photograhy. [Input: L830jlw.j]

Volumetric Localization

Roster Date Author Record
Elements within locus 2001-07-01 okk a2 (room), a3 (installation), a5 (grave), a8 (pit), a11 (pit), a16 (house), a18 (grave), a19 (grave), a25 (burial), a26 (tannur), a27 (gully) [Input: L916okk3.j]
2023-12-12 jw a51 (doorway), a55 (pit aggregate) [Input: ZHz12jW.j]
2001-06-24 ed f5 (accumulation B), f6 (wall), f7 (wall) [Input: ZG114jW.j]
2001-06-26 cc f17 (accumulation C), f18 (stone installation) [Input: ZG114jW.j]
2001-06-28 sb f19 (accumulation C) [Input: ZG114jW.j]
2001-06-28 cc f21 (accumulation A), f26 (floorsurface in general) [Input: ZG114jW.j]
2001-07-04 cc f57 (fill), f58 (hearth) [Input: ZG114jW.j]
2001-07-10 dc f82 (accumulation D) [Input: ZG114jW.j]
2001-07-21 ed f107 (accumulation A) [Input: ZG114jW.j]
2001-07-22 okk f117 (floor, type c), f118 (floor, type b) [Input: ZG114jW.j]
2001-07-22 ed f123 (burial), f124 (fill) [Input: ZG114jW.j]
2001-07-23 ed f130 (pit), f131 (fill), f132 (pit) [Input: ZG114jW.j]
2001-07-24 ed f137 (accumulation), f139 (floorsurface in general), f142 (fill) [Input: ZG114jW.j]
2001-07-25 ed f147 (accumulation), f149 (fill), f150 (grave), f151 (grave) [Input: ZG114jW.j]
2001-07-28 sb f159 (wall), f161 (fill), f162 (accumulation) [Input: ZG114jW.j]
2001-07-30 ed f174 (pavement, type c), f175 (pavement, type c), f177 (floorsurface in general), f180 (cut), f181 (fill) [Input: ZG114jW.j]
2001-08-01 ed f197 (accumulation), f199 (accumulation), f200 (tannur (feature)), f204 (accumulation A) [Input: ZG114jW.j]
2001-08-01 okk f209 (accumulation A), f210 (stair) [Input: ZG114jW.j]
2001-08-20 okk f216 (pavement, type b), f217 (isolated stone), f218 (accumulation) [Input: ZG114jW.j]
2001-08-21 okk f224 (installation) [Input: ZG114jW.j]
2001-08-29 jw f365 (fill), f366 (packing) [Input: ZG115jW.j]
2003-08-30 jw f581 (wall) [Input: N921jw2.j]
2001-06-27 sb i1 (clay lump), i2 (lithic artifact), i6 (metal pendant), i11 (lithic artifact) [Input: L909okk.j]
2001-07-03 sb i18 (bowl), i22 (jar), i23 (jar), i24 (jar), i25 (jar), i26 (jar), i27 (jar), i28 (seal impression), i29 (lithic artifact) [Input: L909okk.j]
2001-07-21 ed i33 (pin), i34 (pin), i35 (pin) [Input: L909okk.j]
2001-07-22 ed i38 (clay artifact), i39 (jar), i40 (clay lump), i41 (figurine), i42 (human body) [Input: L909okk.j]
2001-07-23 ed i44 (cup), i45 (jar), i46 (jar), i49 (jar), i50 (human body), i51 (human body), i56 (human body) [Input: L909okk.j]
2001-07-29 ed i58 (metal artifact), i59 (jar), i65 (human body), i66 (bowl), i67 (bead (glass)) [Input: L909okk.j]
2001-06-25 okk q13 (bones, pottery) [Input: L910okk.j]
2001-06-25 cc q16 (pottery), q17 (pottery) [Input: L910okk.j]
2001-06-27 cc q31 (pottery), q34 (pottery), q37 (pottery), q38 (pottery) [Input: L910okk.j]
2001-06-28 cc q43 (pottery), q51 (pottery) [Input: L910okk.j]
2001-06-30 okk q60 (pottery) [Input: L910okk.j]
2001-06-30 cc q69 (pottery), q71 (pottery) [Input: L915okk.j]
2001-07-08 cc q155 (bones, pottery) [Input: L915okk.j]
2001-07-09 cc q162 (bones, pottery) [Input: L915okk.j]
2001-07-10 dc q175 (items) [Input: L915okk.j]
2001-07-11 cc q182 (pottery), q183 (bones, pottery) [Input: L915okk.j]
2001-07-12 sb q193 (pottery) [Input: L915okk.j]
2001-07-14 sb q200 (pottery) [Input: L915okk.j]
2001-07-21 ed q247 (bones, items, pottery), q254 (pottery), q257 (pottery) [Input: L915okk.j]
2001-07-22 ed q259 (pottery) [Input: L915okk.j]
2001-07-22 sb q269 (pottery), q273 (bones, pottery), q275 (items, pottery) [Input: L915okk.j]
2001-07-22 ed q279 (pottery), q280 (bones, pottery), q281 (items, pottery) [Input: L915okk.j]
2001-07-23 ed q285 (pottery) [Input: L915okk.j]
2001-07-23 dc q292 (pottery) [Input: L915okk.j]
2001-07-23 ed q296 (pottery), q297 (pottery), q299 (pottery), q300 (bones, pottery) [Input: L915okk.j]
2001-07-23 dc q301 (items, pottery), q302 (pottery), q303 (pottery), q307 (pottery), q308 (pottery), q310 (pottery) [Input: L915okk.j]
2001-07-24 sb q313 (bones, pottery), q314 (bones, pottery), q315 (bones, pottery) [Input: L915okk.j]
2001-07-24 ed q317 (pottery), q322 (pottery), q324 (pottery), q325 (bones, pottery), q327 (pottery), q328 (pottery), q329 (pottery) [Input: L915okk.j]
2001-07-24 cc q333 (pottery) [Input: L915okk.j]
2001-07-24 ed q334 (bones, pottery), q335 (bones, pottery), q336 (pottery), q337 (bones, pottery) [Input: L915okk.j]
2001-07-25 ed q339 (bones, pottery), q345 (bones, items, pottery), q348 (pottery), q349 (pottery), q350 (pottery), q354 (pottery), q355 (pottery), q361 (bones, pottery) [Input: L915okk.j]
2001-07-26 ed q367 (pottery), q368 (bones, pottery), q372 (pottery) [Input: L915okk.j]
2001-07-26 cc q383 (bones, pottery), q391 (pottery) [Input: L915okk.j]
2001-07-28 ed q397 (pottery) [Input: L915okk.j]
2001-07-28 sb q402 (bones, items, pottery), q404 (bones, pottery), q405 (items, pottery), q406 (pottery), q407 (pottery), q408 (pottery) [Input: L915okk.j]
2001-07-28 ed q410 (items, pottery), q413 (bones, pottery), q424 (pottery) [Input: L915okk.j]
2001-07-28 cc q428 (bones, pottery), q429 (bones, items, pottery) [Input: L915okk.j]
2001-07-29 sb q445 (bones, pottery), q446 (pottery) [Input: L915okk.j]
2001-07-29 cc q448 (bones, pottery), q452 (pottery), q453 (bones, pottery), q455 (pottery), q458 (pottery) [Input: L915okk.j]
2001-07-29 ed q464 (pottery), q465 (bones, items, pottery), q473 (pottery) [Input: L915okk.j]
2001-07-30 ed q479 (pottery) [Input: L915okk.j]
2001-07-30 cc q484 (bones, pottery), q488 (pottery), q489 (pottery), q490 (pottery), q494 (pottery), q495 (pottery), q502 (pottery), q503 (pottery) [Input: L915okk.j]
2001-08-01 okk q572 (pottery), q573 (pottery), q574 (pottery), q577 (pottery) [Input: L915okk.j]
2001-08-29 jw q722 (pottery) [Input: L915jlw.j]
2001-08-30 jw q723 (pottery) [Input: L915jlw.j]
2001-09-01 jw q724 (pottery) [Input: L915jlw.j]
2001-07-30 sb q1003 (pottery), q1004 (pottery), q1005 (pottery), q1008 (pottery) [Input: L903okk3.j]
2001-07-31 sb q1014 (bones, pottery) [Input: L903okk3.j]
2001-08-01 sb q1024 (bones, pottery), q1025 (pottery), q1026 (pottery), q1027 (pottery), q1028 (bones, pottery), q1031 (pottery), q1032 (pottery), q1033 (pottery), q1034 (bones, pottery), q1036 (pottery), q1037 (pottery), q1038 (pottery), q1041 (pottery), q1042 (pottery) [Input: L903okk3.j]
Relays (applicable to elements) 2001-07-13 okk r51 (40163 37949 - 8962 / Relay location: top of rebar) [Input: L713OKK.R]
2001-07-13 okk r52 (40547 38091 - 8969 / Relay location: top of rebar) [Input: L713OKK.R]
2001-07-13 okk r53 (40694 37710 - 9035 / Relay location: top of rebar) [Input: L713OKK.R]
2001-08-28 jlw r1502 (40538 37854 - 8630 / Relay location: r501 equals m5527) [Input: L829JW.R]
2001-08-28 jlw r306 (40538 37854 - 8630 / Relay location: r306 equals m5527) [Input: L901JW1.R]
Extension of locus or q-lot 2001-06-25 okk m2544 [Input: L916okk2.j]
Length of two sides 2001-06-25 okk 400E [Input: L916okk2.j]
2001-06-25 okk 400N [Input: L916okk2.j]

Time Sequencing

Roster Date Author Record
Notes on time sequencing 2001-07-25 sb sequence of features in k1: f5 a, f21 aa, f26 f, f107 ac below f with 3 bu, f137 ac below f107, f139 floor in W part of k, center, f147 ac below f139, above w? [Input: L729okk.j]


Site Presentation

Roster Date Author Record
Notes on conservation or analysis 2001-07-11 okk One of the questions today was how to preserve sherds from whole vessels through the washing stage, and then what happens to them once they go to the sherd yard. In the sherd yard the sherds are processed, diagnostics saved and then body sherds counted and discarded. Apparently it is better to give them a q-item number or an item number if there is any question that there might be multiple sherds from a single vessel. The question is particularly if . [Input: L722okk.j]


Analogical Record

Roster Date Author Record
View/drawing of locus

2001-06-23 okk [Input: L916okk.j]

2001-06-23 okk [Input: L916okk.j]

2001-06-23 okk [Input: L916okk.j]

2001-06-23 okk [Input: L916okk.j]

2001-06-23 okk [Input: L916okk.j]

2001-06-27 okk [Input: L916okk.j]

2001-06-28 okk [Input: L916okk.j]

2001-06-30 okk [Input: L916okk.j]

2001-07-03 cc [Input: L916okk.j]

2001-07-03 okk [Input: L916okk.j]

2001-07-03 okk [Input: L916okk.j]

2001-07-10 cc [Input: L916okk1.j]

2001-07-22 ed [Input: L916okk1.j]

2001-07-22 ed [Input: L916okk1.j]

2001-07-24 ed [Input: L916okk1.j]

2001-07-24 ed [Input: L916okk1.j]

2001-08-01 ed [Input: L917okk.j]

2001-08-01 ed [Input: L917okk.j]

2001-08-01 ed [Input: L917okk.j]

2001-08-21 ed [Input: L917okk.j]

2003-07-09 jw [Input: ZH330jW.j]

2003-07-09 jw [Input: ZH330jW.j]

2003-07-09 jw [Input: ZH330jW.j]

2003-07-14 jw [Input: ZH330jW.j]

2003-07-14 jw [Input: ZH330jW.j]

2003-08-27 jw [Input: ZH330jW.j]

2003-08-27 jw [Input: ZH330jW.j]

2003-08-27 jw [Input: ZH330jW.j]

2003-08-27 jw [Input: ZH330jW.j]

2003-08-27 jw [Input: ZH330jW.j]

2022-01-17 jw [Input: ZG117jW.j]

2022-01-17 jw [Input: ZG117jW.j]

2024-01-30 jw [Input: ZI130jW.j]

2024-01-30 jw [Input: ZI130jW.j]

2024-01-30 jw [Input: ZI130jW.j]

2024-01-30 jw [Input: ZI130jW.j]