Unit Book A15


Processed on 2024-03-21

Date Author Record
2001-06-23 okk It appears from the evidence of A16 that the Khabur period structures may have their southern extent in A16. This is based on the following evidence: the extreme slope southwards and the brickfall with covers it but does not seem to continue into A15. Also I recall that while working on A12 in MZ12 about 8 m to the south of k1 we found pavement that abutted an EW wall that we interpreted as having a retaining function and the westernmost extent. Although this was about 1.5 m lower than where we are currently excavating, the later Khabur settlement mirrors the earlier Isin-Larsa settlement partly because it appears that the topography of the tell was similar in these two periods. The ancient settlement conditions the topography of the modern tell, and A16 is very striking in this case. Just below the surface of the tell was found brickfall which covered most of the settlement in that area. The brickfall also appears to have been a factor in the extremity of the slope in that area. [Input: L629OKK.J]
2003-07-19 ms this week we will continue trying to understand the relationships among all the structures, as well as continue to go down in k13 and k14 to find the end of the kiln deposit f373. We got two more workmen, Nasm and Masood, who can be used as pickmen if necessary. Started Harris matrix for k13 and k14. [Input: N719MS.j]