Unit Book OH2

General Introduction


Caitlin Chaves Yates – August 2011, January 2014

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The inconsistencies and errors in OH2 are in part a result of the production at the end of the season - with less time for editing and review and also the result of its function as the first digitally produced book. The UGR was still being developed and some changes and corrections were made in 2011 to have the book conform to the new UGR standards.

See MZ.

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The form of the book has been adapted in 2011 from the original CD to the now-standard “browser” edition of the UGR. The contents are the same but the presentation is altered.

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The record is quite complete and reflects an amazing thoroughness in data analysis produced in time for the completion of the CD in 1998. However, many categories and sections have been added to the UGR in the intervening years and so the book is less complete than perhaps some of the more recently produced books (such as J1 or J6).

Additionally, some practices that were used in OH2 were discontinued in favor of a more robust system. For example, in OH2 in some cases multiple q-items were assigned to one q-item number and catalogued and entered that way. As of the 2011 standards each item would recieve its own individual number. In this book the original categorization has been preserved.
Converting the data into the current UGR format after 15 years has created some errors. The sherd information, as originally recorded, did not include component (p) numbers and these had to be added in 2014. Additionally, these sherds needed to be matched to the existing sherd drawings, some of which contained contradictory numbering. Some sherd drawings had to be renumbered or reassigned in 2014.

The photographic record from 1998 was also difficult to reconstruct as only the templates were saved on the original disk. In most cases these templates could be matched with their corresponding photograph, but in some cases I was unable to locate the original photograph.

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