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Other objects from Unit OH2

August 2011 – cJC

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The most astonishing and important finds of the OH2 excavations were the numerous clay sealings. The sealings preserved a variety of impressions that indicate the kind of object that was sealed. Based on the excavators observations it appears that the sealings were mostly used on movable objects such as jars, retaining cord, wood and ceramic impressions. Some of the sealings also preserved cylinder seal impressions which are discussed in the glyptic section. The 35 sealings are categorized below. Some sealings may appear in more than one category; for example, the peg and cord impressions are often co-occur due the process of sealing that involved wrapping a cord around a peg.

Sealings with seal impressionsi4, i6, i12, q6.1, q5.3, q8.1, q21.1, q21.2
Sealings with cord impressionsi3, i6, i9, i12, q5.1, q6.1, q6.5, q7.1, q8.1, q9.3, q11.4, q13.1
Sealings with peg impressionsi9, q5.1, q6.1, q8.1, q13.2, q21.1
Sealings with wood impressionsi6, i10, i11, q8.6
Sealings with fiber impressionsi8, q8.3, q8.6
Sealings with finger nail impressionsq7.2, q7.1, q5.1
Sealings with jar rim impressionsq21.2
Sealings with unidentifiable impressionsq6.3, q6.4, q8.5, q8.8, q10.1, q11.2, q11.3, q11.5, q12.2, q13.3, q21.3, q21.4

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Clay beads

Three clay beads were found in OH2, two were of a regular rounded shape and the other has a square shape.

Circular beadsi7, q8.7
Square beadi5

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