Unit Book A15


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Best image 2038-06-16 jW [Input: ZH616jW.j]



Roster Date Author Record
Description (summary) 2001-06-28 okk Third square from the N, to the immediate east of k3. [Input: L916okk2.j]



Roster Date Author Record
Daily notes about recovery of elements 2001-07-01 okk After finding brickfall in the E 1/3 of the square, we used the small pick and trowel to define the extent of brickfall f38. [Input: L709okk.j]
2001-07-03 okk It now appears that in k 13 there are two new walls, the E-W wall is f50, the N-S wall is f51, the ac to the S of f50 is f46. Adnan is working there today. To the N of f50 is f51 which now appears to be accumulation on top of a pavement, f53. [Input: L704okk.j]
2001-07-28 jlw removed wall, f50, sherd and pebble walkway, f53, and threshold, f308, along the north baulk and brick pathway, f51, along the east baulk. Began excavating accumulation, f56, which is very hard and dense with some soft pockets. This material is typical of the bottom layer of a gully, and is found here because this locus lies in the path of the lowest level of the modern gully, which runs E-W here. In section along the north baulk, noticed a layer of crumbly red packing, f309, possibly associated with the threshold, f308. [Input: L812jlw1.j]
2001-07-29 jlw excavated the entire locus as accumulation, f56. There was relatively little pottery considering the amount of material excavated. [Input: L812jlw2.j]
2001-07-30 jlw began to remove the west baulk, which in actuality is the east baulk of k3. Cleaned a patch of bricks, f356, in the middle of the west half of the locus. (From time to time yesterday we noticed isolated pieces of partially baked bricks in the far SW corner.) The bricks were unusual in that they were laid edgewise, and with an orientation that suggested that they were not a part of the palace or Khabur architecture. The bricks were laid in a roughly rectangular pattern that suggested a grave. After relaying, we began to excavate the structure. The top layer of most of the bricks disintegrated almost on touch. About 5 rows on the east side were better preserved. Just a few centimeters to the south there was a partial ring of vitrified clay. Now it appears that the feature may actually be part of a pit kiln, with a diameter of about 1 meter and perhaps having an auxiliary chamber to the south, which may have been the source of the brickish chunks. Upon cleaning object q657.1, found in the vicinity, we discovered that it was a mold for casting bronze tools, strengthening the notion that these are the remains of a small industrial complex. [Input: L730jlw.j]
2001-07-31 jlw photographed, v152, and then removed bricks, f356. Discovered that metal mold, q657.1, had fallen from N baulk into the excavated dirt pile, where it was found by a workman. We will relay the source, which is about 50cm above the kiln. This probably means that bronze was not smelted or cast in this location. However, we did find kiln waste and misfired pottery 50cm into accumulation, f327, and therefore presume that this was a place where successive industrial facilities were placed atop one another as residue accumulated. Excavated more than 50cm accumulation, f331, surrounding the accumulation, f327, directly below the bricks, f356. At the end of the day, encountered the edge of a pit, f334 in the SW corner of the W baulk. After cleaning in the morning, we will determine its significance, since it may have cut some bricks. Pottery in f331 was Khabur, with a number of painted shapes. [Input: L731jlw.j]
2001-08-01 jlw leveled the locus. For record purposes, found evidence of a pit, f338, in the NW corner of the west baulk. [Input: L813jlw.j]
2001-08-18 jlw following the outline of burned soil and pottery slag that appeared vertically in the north face of the south baulk and belonging to kiln, a31, we excavated a semi-circular ring of accumulation, f345, to the north of the south excavation limit. The containment became better defined as a rounded conical shape with the apex pointed downward. Towards the bottom, we found three intact small Khabur painted bowls (i213, i214, i215) and a part of another (i217) that had probably been left in the kiln after its last firing session. Next, we encountered a layer of ash, f347, that was above a plastered surface, f359. Also, we began to define containment of the north kiln by excavating accumulation, f327, the 2-meter cylinder of accumulation that was likely to enclose the kiln vessel. [Input: L823jlw.j]
2001-08-19 jlw finished excavating layer, f347. In the accumulation, f349, surrounding plaster surface, f359, we found five more bowls of similar design (i219, i221, i222, i223, i225). Shifting our attention to the northern kiln, a30, whose identity as a kiln was first established by a layer of bricks (f356), we removed accumulation, f348. To better understand the relationship between the two kilns we began to excavate the accumulation separating them, f346. [Input: L823jlw.j]
2001-08-20 jlw began to excavate the 75cm high portion of the north baulk of k14 which covers about half of kiln, f31. Then, began to excavate what by symmetry should have been the accumulation, f350, in the top of the south half of the kiln. Finished excavating accumulations f348 in kiln a30 and f349 in kiln a31. Excavated accumulation, f350, the body of a mini-bulk cut to understand the construction and use of the kiln. [Input: L823jlw.j]
2001-08-21 jlw finished excavating accumulations, f351 and f353. Excavated a gray ash accumulation, f354, and a black ash accumulation, f355, at the bottom of kiln, a30. From the black ash came a very hard, well fired statuette of a woman, i226, whose torso was broken. Later, found the torso, q715.5, while sieving. Accumulation, f353, yielded the head of a woman, i225, fashioned in clay, that resembled that of the statuette in size and design. Accumulation, f355, also contained a ceramic crucible that would have held molten metal, q715.4. This is a general indication that the kilns may have been a part of an artisan complex where a variety of decorative and utilitarian objects were designed and made. Finished excavations and cleaned for final photographs, drawings and measurements. [Input: L823jlw.j]
2001-08-22 jlw took final photographs and finished drawings and sketches. yt will analyze ceramics and other materials from the kiln and prepare drawings of signficant objects. [Input: L823jlw.j]
2003-07-12 ms we began removing f373 which is a homogeneous fill related to kilns and thus ph 5. f373 continues s into k14. There are lots of kiln related inclusions. [Input: N712MS.j]
2003-07-17 ms continue removing f373. jw noticed that first sherds in the lot appear to be larger than usual. Also had i which is part of a andiron. [Input: N717MS.j]
2003-07-19 ms continued going down in kiln accumulation f373. Now have reached the top of the upper of the two kilns from MZ14. The material remains fairly consitent although at times it seems there may be more gray and red material which is somewhat indicative of a kiln. We have not found any further evidence of this, however. We will continue to clean and scrape after pick runs to insure we don't miss any changes. [Input: N719MS.j]
2003-07-20 ms still removing f373. Continuing to level of kilns and below. Kiln waste remains uniform. There are areas of red and gray that sometimes appear to be the start of kilns but none have panned out. We are perhaps reaching the end of the kiln waste to the n of the k. We can clean and scrape tomorrow to get a better idea. [Input: N720MS.j]
2003-07-21 ms contined going down in f373, kiln accumulation. jo noticed in section a possible pit, f416 which continues into current deposition. It is similar to f373 fubt there are less inclusions and those are not as large. Exact depostion sequence is unclear. fab suggested it may be another clay bin like f155, but this is not sure. We will remove f373 coming from the w to see the face of this feature, if possible. This f also starts below bricks f377. Also have small pebble/sherd lens f415 at nw corner of k. This seems to e the edge of a pit whcih is seen in section of n baulk and cut by kilns and e edge of k3. [Input: N721MS.j]
2003-07-22 ms removed level in f416 but no real differentiation seen. Key find today was major red layer around one of the kilns. The red accumulation is f417. At first we thought this was part of kiln waste but after further examination we believe it may be melted brick. We removed the inside of half the kiln and we can see red bricks in section. These types of bricks are an indicator of phase 2 and may mean ph2 structures here. However, ph5 is very, very low because of the kiln waste and it does not seem to make much sense to have ph5 cut ph2. It is too soon to tell and we will know more as we continue removing the kiln and surrounding material. [Input: N722MS.j]
2003-07-23 ms went down in entire locus. gb examined the bricks in section in the kiln. They do not appear to be part of a structure but instead are part of kiln lining. Removed volcanic rock lining on other side of kiln. There is bricky matter but not bricks. This also burnt well from the heat of the kiln. There is an ashy gray lens near one of the kilns. It may be a pit but is more likely just very ashy kiln waste. jw scraped area at the end of the day and saw blue. lr stated she had blue in A16 in prior season and it was blue clay, a very good quality. Probably also associated with the kilns. The gray is 10YR 5/2, grayish brown. [Input: N723MS.j]
2003-07-24 ms removed the small portion of the pit, f415 that was seen horizonatally at this level. Also went down further in f416 the accumulation that is similar to f373 but which seems to cut it. We have named the gray accumulation seen in section in the north kiln f420. We are excavating this down to the level of the orange bricky material. This level is very thick in section at the w edge of the kiln and gets progressively less thin to the east. We have already exposed a portion of this orange bricky material, f417 to the south of the kiln and are thinking this might be where the kiln begins. There are varying theories as to whether the kiln is the orange material and is put there, or whether it is cut by the kiln from above. Hopefully we will have an answer when f420 is removed. We continued removing f373 where it is still left in this locus. [Input: N725MS.j]
2003-07-26 ms f420 was named on N724 to be the gray accumulation seen in section of the n kiln. It was determined to change all of what had been f373 to f420. Although this was seen in section it seems to spread throughout the locus and into k14 as well. Meezer is removing f420 from here and coming down on the orange surface, f414. Although we have not gotten the continuous surface between n and s of the kiln it will most likely connect. The buildup and packing of the kiln is much easier to see at this level. Will take photos in the morning. The kiln work area seems to be clear. We are also following the ashy area, f427 to get its differentiation from f417. Kiln waste continues. Northernmost kiln is a30, southernmost kiln is a31. Numbers assigned in MZ14. [Input: N726MS.j]
2003-07-27 ms continue to go down in f420, kiln accumulation. Finding red surface f417 throughout the area, especially near the kilns. Uneven distribution and no clear boundaries. Will continue. We did find one small pit, f437. The fill is f436. [Input: N727MS.j]
2003-07-28 ms f420 kiln waste seems to be petering out in much of the locus. f420 is still extant in the n part of the locus and it follows the cut of f416 which is seen in section. This is the same kiln fill but seems to cut the brown layer which is now appearing and may indicate the end of the fill. f442 is this level. The color is a rich brown with bricks or bricky material also seen when it is scraped. There are no kiln inclusions. f442 is starting to appear throughout although there is also a pocket if f420 to the s area of the locus. We also went down in the areas between the two kiln, a30 and a31. This is f417 and also seems to come down on f442. This may indicate that these two kilns were the original emplacements and were built up over time. f442 may not necessarily be ph3 but perhaps ph4 or the bottom material associated with the kilns. We will have a better idea as f420 is completely removed. Will take photos in the morning. Uncovered what may have been a kiln, f440, but we are at the bottom and have removed all the fill, f441. [Input: N728MS.j]
2003-07-29 ms also removing what is left of kiln waste, f420. Finished cleaning out kiln f421 as there was just a little left in the bottom of the kiln. We have some remnants of the kiln area buildup throughout the locus and we are removing these to be completely done with the waste. We have alse cut back some of the western section which is two years old to see if we can get a sense of what is going on. Will examine further tomorrow. [Input: N729MS.j]
2003-07-30 ms no digging because of baulk removal, n baulk. [Input: N730ms.j]
2003-07-31 ms continued and probably finished removing what is left of f420, kiln waste. This is left in the n portion of the locus. Now coming down onto brown material, and we are unsure if this is the same as f442 because it is much lower. While scraping f442 some possible bricks, possible wall, were uncovered. This if f462. There is no section visible but we will remove bricks from inside the kiln, a30 to see if anything can be seen. Still have higher elevations throughout this locus of the end of kiln material merging with f442. This needs to be removed then we can remove the rest of the material uniformly. [Input: N731MS.j]
2003-08-02 ms cleaned out f463, the lining of the n kiln, a30. There does not seem to be anything in section but brown accumulation, similar to the situation in k14, so we will go down with the big pick. There were, however, large stones at the bottom of the kiln which may correspond to the street just to the west. We have finished removing f417 which is the red area surrounding the kilns and have come completely to f442, the brown accumulation. [Input: N802MS.j]
2003-08-03 ms have almost finished removing f442 the brown accumulation under the kiln waste, but there are still some pockets left. We will finish removing these tomorrow. We identifed f468 which is a brown accumulation under f442. Under this is f469, a more reddish accumulation. We have decided to remove all of f442, the reddish brown accumulation that is still existing. We will also remove f462 which is a red bricky material, possibly bricks, but these are only about one course thick and may be kiln related. We are looking more closely at f471 which is the red bricky feature running ew along the n baulk of k13. This may be melted brick or the top of a wall because it seems to be in line with large stones which may be foundation stones. [Input: N803MS.j]
2003-08-04 ms removed f477 which was the small area of what looked like reed matting remains. This was taken as a sample, i264. We also removed f462 which was the single course of bricks that seemed to look like a wall. In addition we removed the last remnants of f442 the accumulation directly below the kiln waste, f420. We scraped the entire area and have defined the outlines of f483 which is a dark brown area that seems to have a lighter outline of what fab says may be a type of non-porous clay. We will scrape the entire area tomorrow and define any new features and see what we have left of the kiln waste residue. The kiln waste intrusion was so deep that it does seem to cut into ph3 at a deep level. [Input: N804MS.j]
2003-08-05 ms this locus continues to be key, yet is still a little difficult to understand because of the cuts and pits of phase 5 kilns and kiln waste. We should be pretty much out of the kiln waste, but perhaps have a little left in a f468 which is along the w the side of the locus. As we go down it appears to be a cut and probably ph5. Continued delineating f483 which is the reddish brown area which appeared on N804 after removing f462 red bricks. It now appears that this may be a continuation of these bricks. Had meeting with gb and fab and believe this may be the top of a ph 2 wall. Since it's the top it makes sense for it to be poorly preserved. The bricks are three courses wide with thick mortar in between which is not typical of the palace itself. The faces of the wall are not good and the courses are unclear. It is now thought that maybe the stones and sherds of f467 may be a foundation for this wall. We have differentiated between the accumulation to the north and south just to keep close watch on the features in the important area. f486 is the accumulation to the south and f487 is the accumulation to the north. We began removing both today to come up to the face of the wall, f483. [Input: N805MS.j]
2003-08-06 ms finally finished removing f468 accumulation. This still had Khabur sherds so is definitely ph5. Went down past the bottom to the level of f467, the stone/sherd pavement and uncovered a baked brick which is part of this feature. Also declared f490 which is the street uncovered in MZ14. This stone/sherd pavement runs ns and parallel to w f383. Also removed more of f469 to the s of the kiln cut. This accumulatin may also be associated with the kiln waste, but is not as clear as f468. Have asked mkb to analyze the sherds from this f today. Have not been able to locate a good face for the w f483 from the west. Will continue tomorrow looking for the face and will start going down in f486 to the s. Also started removing f471. This is red bricky material we had left because it seemed to be brickfall or brickmelt. However, we seem to have found accumulation underneath and are removing it. [Input: N806MS.j]
2003-08-07 ms finished remvoing f471 had have come down to a f493. This feature is also under f420 and the accumulation f487 which was directly n of f483, the wall. Still unable to find any face for this wall. jw thinks it is more likely to be a floor type installation rather than a wall. We will continue to look for the face. If it is the top of a wall, it would be very eroded at this point. Approached it from the south by continuing to remove f486. [Input: N808MS.j]
2003-08-09 ms removed the last bits of f468 in the NW corner. Then began going down in f493, brown accumulations n of the wall, f483 in its EW course. f471 was removed on N807 but there appears to be a little bit more remaining. We found the beginning of small stones underneath this area and will examine further tomorrow. [Input: N809MS.j]
2003-08-10 ms came down in accumulation f493 which is to the north of wall f483. This is fairly clean area, no floors but continuing to see poor face of wall on south. [Input: N810MS.j]
2003-08-22 jw Yestafad and Muhammad Kher 2 excavated accumulation f551, which lay below several levels of sherd pavements. Copious amounts of pottery and three clear seal impressions were recovered. At the same time, we continued to explore the southern extent of the wall foundation f544. It seems likely to be associated with wall f520. To the south we are seeking to determine whether the stone and sherd work surface f208 is deeply founded. If not it is likely to be no earlier than Phase 2 and will be removed. [Input: N822jw.j]
Strategy (projected or implemented) 2001-07-01 okk To continue excavation in this square and clarify the nature of f33, an accumulation layer with bricks. [Input: L709okk.j]
2001-07-05 okk To clarify the extent of walls f in this square and the nature of the possible floor surface f56. [Input: L706okk.j]
2001-07-28 jlw remove the features currently exposed and excavate rapidly to reach the level of the Phase 2 palace structure, some two meters below. [Input: L812jlw1.j]
2001-07-30 jlw tomorrow, L731, we will define the perimeter of the kiln and clean it thoroughly in the morning for photography. Afterwards it will be removed. [Input: L730jlw.j]
2001-08-18 jlw we found evidence for at least two kilns, a30 and a31, in the locus during the regular MZ14 excavation season. However, due to the press of time and the need to deploy resources to higher priority loci, we were not able to excavate them. We had planned to do so in a following season. yt and jlw visited the locus on L815 as part of a general inspection of the site and discovered some unusual types of kiln waste in kiln a30 that included sheep/goat dung preserved in clay slag as well as animal bones, both of which would have served as fuel during the operation of the kilns. We decided to take advantage of yt's expertise to excavate both kilns outside the regular season using a small team of 4 skilled workmen, because she believed that the kilns were of a type not well documented. [Input: L823jlw.j]
2003-08-22 jw tomorrow we will continue to excavate here to determine the extent of floor f557. We expect to reach packing f505 and and fill f507 which can be seen in section and overlays f557 to the south. [Input: N822jw.j]
Notes on recovery 2001-08-19 jlw at the time the MZ14 excavation season closed, we believed that we would not excavate any more this year, so the entire volume of material was improperly designated a kiln, f327. We will redesignate the bricks as f356 and the accumulation within the containment as f327. Furthermore, it is now apparent that the containment was a large hole dug into the ground to whose sides the burned soil and melted pottery slag adhered, gradually building to a thickness of 10cm or more. We have designated these containments as cuts, f357, for kiln, a30, and f358, for kiln, a31. [Input: L823jlw.j]
2001-08-20 jlw the accumulation that would have been equivalent to f350 in the north part of the kiln had been excavated without recognition of the fact that it was the contents of the body of a kiln. This was only seen in section after the digging took place. [Input: L823jlw.j]

Volumetric Localization

Roster Date Author Record
Elements within locus 2003-08-04 jw a30 (kiln), a31 (kiln) [Input: N921jw3.j]
2003-08-27 jw a36 (room) [Input: N921jw3.j]
2001-06-28 cc f25 (topsoil) [Input: ZG114jW.j]
2001-06-30 sb f33 (accumulation C), f38 (brickfall), f46 (accumulation C) [Input: ZG114jW.j]
2001-07-03 cc f50 (wall), f51 (wall), f52 (accumulation C), f53 (pavement) [Input: ZG114jW.j]
2001-07-04 cc f56 (floorsurface in general) [Input: ZG114jW.j]
2001-07-07 cc f62 (accumulation C) [Input: ZG114jW.j]
2001-07-28 jw f308 (isolated individual brick), f309 (band) [Input: ZG115jW.j]
2001-07-30 jw f327 (accumulation) [Input: ZG115jW.j]
2001-07-31 jw f331 (accumulation), f334 (fill) [Input: ZG115jW.j]
2001-08-01 jw f338 (fill) [Input: ZG115jW.j]
2001-08-18 jw f345 (accumulation), f346 (accumulation), f347 (layer), f348 (accumulation), f349 (accumulation), f350 (accumulation), f351 (accumulation), f352 (isolated individual brick), f353 (accumulation) [Input: ZG115jW.j]
2001-08-21 jw f354 (layer), f355 (layer), f356 (isolated individual brick), f357 (cut), f358 (cut), f359 (floor, type a), f360 (isolated individual brick), f361 (isolated individual brick) [Input: ZG115jW.j]
2001-08-29 jw f367 (cut), f368 (cut), f369 (cut), f370 (cut) [Input: ZG115jW.j]
2022-01-28 jW f373 (accumulation) [Input: ZG128jW.j]
2003-07-21 ms f415 (fill), f416 (pit) [Input: N921jw1.j]
2003-07-22 ms f417 (isolated individual brick), f419 (wall) [Input: N921jw1.j]
2003-07-24 ms f420 (accumulation), f427 (fill), f429 (cut) [Input: N921jw1.j]
2003-07-26 ms f436 (fill), f437 (cut) [Input: N921jw1.j]
2003-07-28 ms f442 (accumulation) [Input: N921jw1.j]
2003-07-29 ms f445 (brickfall), f446 (pavement, type c), f447 (subfloor), f448 (layer), f449 (layer) [Input: N921jw1.j]
2003-07-31 ms f461 (accumulation), f462 (pavement, type b) [Input: N921jw1.j]
2003-08-02 ms f463 (isolated individual brick) [Input: N921jw1.j]
2003-08-03 ms f467 (pavement, type b), f468 (accumulation), f469 (accumulation), f471 (brickfall) [Input: N921jw1.j]
2003-08-04 ms f477 (layer), f483 (wall) [Input: N921jw1.j]
2003-08-05 ms f486 (accumulation), f487 (accumulation) [Input: N921jw2.j]
2003-08-06 ms f493 (accumulation) [Input: N921jw2.j]
2003-08-20 jw f539 (accumulation) [Input: N921jw2.j]
2003-08-21 jw f548 (wall) [Input: N921jw2.j]
2003-08-22 jw f558 (floor, type a) [Input: N921jw2.j]
2003-08-23 jw f561 (installation), f562 (stone installation) [Input: N921jw2.j]
2003-08-24 jw f573 (accumulation), f574 (pavement, type b) [Input: N921jw2.j]
2003-08-30 jw f579 (bench) [Input: N921jw2.j]
2001-06-27 sb i9 (grinding stone) [Input: L909okk.j]
2001-07-03 sb i20 (vessel), i21 (door socket) [Input: L909okk.j]
2001-07-31 vp i209 (clay mold) [Input: L915jlw1.j]
2001-08-18 jw i211 (clay artifact), i212 (clay artifact), i213 (bowl), i214 (bowl), i215 (bowl), i216 (brick), i217 (bowl) [Input: L915jlw1.j]
2001-08-19 jw i218 (clay artifact), i219 (bowl), i220 (wheel), i221 (bowl), i222 (bowl), i223 (bowl) [Input: L915jlw1.j]
2001-08-20 jw i224 (sample), i225 (bowl) [Input: L915jlw1.j]
2001-08-21 jw i226 (statue), i227 (bowl), i228 (plaque) [Input: L915jlw1.j]
2003-07-13 ms i230 (seal) [Input: N808MS1.j]
2003-07-17 lf i231 (clay artifact) [Input: N808MS1.j]
2003-07-22 ms i241 (brick) [Input: N808MS1.j]
2003-07-24 ms i249 (lithic artifact) [Input: N808MS1.j]
2003-07-27 ms i255 (kiln waster) [Input: N808MS1.j]
2003-08-02 jw i261 (seal impression) [Input: N808MS1.j]
2003-08-07 jw i265 (jar) [Input: N808MS1.j]
2003-08-23 jw i336 (jar) [Input: N921jw.j]
2001-06-30 okk q55 (pottery), q62 (pottery), q64 (pottery) [Input: L910okk.j]
2001-06-30 cc q68 (pottery), q75 (bones, pottery) [Input: L915okk.j]
2001-07-02 okk q80 (pottery), q84 (bones, pottery), q85 (pottery) [Input: L915okk.j]
2001-07-02 cc q91 (pottery) [Input: L915okk.j]
2001-07-03 cc q93 (bones, pottery), q97 (pottery) [Input: L915okk.j]
2001-07-04 cc q107 (pottery), q108 (pottery), q111 (pottery), q113 (pottery) [Input: L915okk.j]
2001-07-05 sb q119 (pottery), q120 (pottery), q123 (bones, pottery) [Input: L915okk.j]
2001-07-09 cc q158 (pottery), q163 (pottery) [Input: L915okk.j]
2001-07-28 vp q613 (pottery), q614 (pottery), q615 (pottery), q616 (pottery), q617 (pottery), q618 (pottery), q619 (pottery), q621 (pottery), q623 (pottery), q626 (pottery), q630 (pottery), q631 (pottery) [Input: L915jlw.j]
2001-07-29 vp q634 (pottery), q635 (pottery), q636 (pottery), q639 (bones, pottery), q641 (pottery), q642 (pottery), q644 (pottery) [Input: L915jlw.j]
2001-07-30 vp q650 (pottery), q652 (pottery), q653 (pottery), q654 (pottery), q657 (pottery), q659 (pottery), q661 (pottery), q662 (pottery) [Input: L915jlw.j]
2001-07-31 vp q665 (pottery), q668 (pottery), q670 (pottery), q671 (pottery), q673 (pottery), q675 (pottery) [Input: L915jlw.j]
2001-08-01 vp q677 (pottery), q679 (pottery) [Input: L915jlw.j]
2001-08-16 jw q696 (items, pottery) [Input: L915jlw.j]
2001-08-18 jw q697 (bones, items, pottery), q698 (bones, items, pottery), q699 (bones, items, pottery), q700 (items, pottery) [Input: L915jlw.j]
2001-08-19 jw q701 (bones, pottery), q702 (items, pottery), q703 (bones, pottery), q704 (pottery) [Input: L915jlw.j]
2001-08-20 jw q705 (bones, items, pottery), q706 (items, pottery), q707 (items, pottery), q708 (items, pottery), q709 (pottery), q710 (pottery), q711 (items), q712 (pottery) [Input: L915jlw.j]
2001-08-21 jw q713 (pottery), q714 (bones, items, pottery), q715 (bones, items, pottery), q716 (items, pottery) [Input: L915jlw.j]
2001-08-25 jw q717 (pottery), q718 (pottery) [Input: L915jlw.j]
2001-08-02 jw q726 (items) [Input: L915jlw.j]
2003-07-12 ms q729 (bones, pottery) [Input: N726jw4.j]
2003-07-13 lf q735 (pottery) [Input: N726jw4.j]
2003-07-15 lf q740 (bones, pottery), q742 (items, pottery) [Input: N726jw4.j]
2003-07-15 ms q745 (pottery) [Input: N726jw4.j]
2003-07-16 lf q746 (bones, items, pottery) [Input: N726jw4.j]
2003-07-17 ms q758 (bones, pottery), q762 (pottery) [Input: N915jw.j]
2003-07-19 ms q767 (bones, pottery), q768 (pottery), q769 (pottery), q770 (pottery), q772 (pottery), q774 (pottery) [Input: N915jw.j]
2003-07-20 ms q775 (bones, pottery), q778 (bones, pottery), q781 (pottery), q782 (bones, pottery), q785 (pottery) [Input: N915jw.j]
2003-07-21 ms q789 (bones, pottery), q791 (bones, pottery), q793 (bones, pottery), q802 (bones, pottery), q803 (pottery) [Input: N915jw.j]
2003-07-22 ms q808 (pottery), q809 (bones, pottery), q810 (pottery), q813 (bones, pottery), q815 (pottery) [Input: N915jw.j]
2003-07-23 ms q820 (bones, pottery), q821 (pottery), q822 (pottery), q823 (pottery), q824 (bones, pottery), q827 (pottery), q829 (bones, pottery) [Input: N915jw.j]
2003-07-24 ii q831 (bones, pottery), q841 (pottery), q842 (bones, pottery), q847 (pottery) [Input: N915jw1.j]
2003-07-26 ii q849 (pottery), q856 (pottery), q860 (bones, pottery) [Input: N915jw1.j]
2003-07-27 jw q861 (bones, pottery), q862 (bones, pottery), q869 (pottery), q870 (pottery) [Input: N915jw1.j]
2003-07-28 jw q877 (pottery), q878 (pottery) [Input: N915jw1.j]
2003-07-29 ii q891 (bones, pottery), q892 (pottery), q901 (pottery), q902 (pottery), q904 (bones, pottery), q906 (items, pottery), q908 (pottery), q910 (pottery) [Input: N915jw1.j]
2003-07-31 ii q913 (bones, pottery), q914 (pottery), q915 (bones, pottery), q923 (pottery) [Input: N919jw.j]
2003-08-02 ii q926 (bones, pottery), q933 (bones, pottery), q934 (bones, pottery) [Input: N919jw.j]
2003-08-03 ii q938 (bones, pottery), q939 (bones, pottery), q940 (bones, pottery), q945 (pottery) [Input: N919jw.j]
2003-08-04 ii q950 (bones, pottery), q951 (bones, pottery), q952 (pottery) [Input: N919jw.j]
2003-08-05 ii q964 (pottery), q969 (pottery), q973 (pottery) [Input: N919jw.j]
2003-08-06 ii q976 (pottery), q978 (bones, pottery), q979 (pottery), q981 (pottery) [Input: N919jw.j]
2003-08-07 ii q988 (bones, pottery), q993 (pottery) [Input: N919jw.j]
2003-08-09 ii q994 (bones, pottery), q1100 (pottery), q1102 (pottery) [Input: N919jw.j]
2003-08-10 ii q1105 (bones, pottery), q1111 (pottery) [Input: N920jw.j]
2003-08-20 ms q1238 (pottery) [Input: N920jw1.j]
2003-08-21 ii q1244 (bones, pottery), q1248 (pottery), q1257 (pottery) [Input: N920jw1.j]
2003-08-23 ii q1281 (pottery) [Input: N920jw1.j]
2003-08-24 ii q1320 (pottery) [Input: N920jw1.j]
2003-08-25 ii q1321 (items, pottery) [Input: N920jw1.j]
Relays (applicable to elements) 2001-06-20 jlw r453 (39021 37820 - 8816 / Relay location: S baulk N face) [Input: L819JW2.R]
2001-06-20 jlw r454 (39182 37629 - 8829 / Relay location: S baulk N face) [Input: L819JW2.R]
2001-07-13 okk r45 (39049 38064 - 9038 / Relay location: top of rebar) [Input: L713OKK.R]
2001-07-13 okk r61 (39561 37831 - 8963 / Relay location: top of rebar) [Input: L713OKK.R]
2001-07-13 okk r62 (39421 38201 - 9067 / Relay location: top of rebar) [Input: L713OKK.R]
2001-08-01 vp r416 (39067 38062 - 8921 / Relay location: k13) [Input: L813JW3.R]
2001-08-01 vp r417 (39415 38198 - 8921 / Relay location: k13) [Input: L813JW3.R]
2001-08-01 vp r418 (39252 37589 - 8774 / Relay location: k13) [Input: L813JW3.R]
2001-08-01 vp r419 (39597 37745 - 8774 / Relay location: k13) [Input: L813JW3.R]
2001-08-18 yt r420 (39512 37889 - 8839 / Relay location: k13) [Input: L818JW.R]
2001-08-18 yt r421 (39238 37901 - 8824 / Relay location: k13) [Input: L818JW.R]
2001-08-19 jlw r446 (39444 37750 - 8765 / Relay location: W baulk) [Input: L819JW2.R]
2001-08-19 jlw r447 (39211 37690 - 8765 / Relay location: W baulk) [Input: L819JW2.R]
2001-08-19 jlw r451 (39123 37864 - 8840 / Relay location: S baulk S face) [Input: L819JW2.R]
2001-08-19 jlw r452 (39234 37622 - 8815 / Relay location: S baulk S face) [Input: L819JW2.R]
2001-08-20 jlw r456 (39163 37621 - 8811 / Relay location: k13 SB) [Input: L820JW1.R]
2001-08-20 jlw r458 (39090 37567 - 8805 / Relay location: k13 SB) [Input: L820JW1.R]
2001-08-20 jlw r459 (39017 37806 - 8805 / Relay location: k13 SB) [Input: L820JW1.R]
2001-08-20 jlw r460 (39239 37615 - 8812 / Relay location: k13 SB) [Input: L820JW1.R]
Extension of locus or q-lot 2001-06-28 okk m2552 [Input: L916okk2.j]
Length of two sides 2001-06-28 okk 400E [Input: L916okk2.j]
2001-06-28 okk 400N [Input: L916okk2.j]


Analogical Record

Roster Date Author Record
View/drawing of locus

2001-07-02 okk [Input: L916okk.j]

2001-07-05 cc [Input: L916okk.j]

2001-07-05 cc [Input: L916okk.j]

2001-07-10 cc [Input: L916okk1.j]

2001-07-10 cc [Input: L916okk1.j]

2001-07-10 cc [Input: L916okk1.j]

2001-09-17 jw [Input: L918JW.J]

2003-07-09 jw [Input: ZH330jW.j]
2003-07-12 jw [Input: ZH330jW.j]

2003-07-12 jw [Input: ZH330jW.j]

2003-07-12 jw [Input: ZH330jW.j]

2003-07-12 jw [Input: ZH330jW.j]

2003-07-13 jw [Input: ZH330jW.j]

2003-07-23 jw [Input: ZH330jW.j]

2003-07-23 jw [Input: ZH330jW.j]

2003-07-29 jw [Input: ZH330jW.j]

2003-07-29 jw [Input: ZH330jW.j]

2003-08-02 jw [Input: ZH330jW.j]

2003-08-02 jw [Input: ZH330jW.j]

2003-08-03 jw [Input: ZH330jW.j]

2003-08-05 jw [Input: ZH330jW.j]

2003-08-16 jw [Input: ZH330jW.j]

2003-08-16 jw [Input: ZH330jW.j]

2003-08-16 jw [Input: ZH330jW.j]

2003-08-27 jw [Input: ZH330jW.j]

2003-08-27 jw [Input: ZH330jW.j]

2022-01-17 jw [Input: ZG117jW.j]

2022-01-17 jw [Input: ZG117jW.j]

2022-01-17 jw [Input: ZG117jW.j]

2022-01-17 jw [Input: ZG117jW.j]

2022-01-17 jw [Input: ZG117jW.j]

2022-01-17 jw [Input: ZG117jW.j]

2022-01-17 jw [Input: ZG117jW.j]

2022-01-17 jw [Input: ZG117jW.j]

2022-01-17 jw [Input: ZG117jW.j]

2022-01-17 jw [Input: ZG117jW.j]

2022-01-17 jw [Input: ZG117jW.j]

2022-01-17 jw [Input: ZG117jW.j]

2022-01-17 jw [Input: ZG117jW.j]

2022-01-17 jw [Input: ZG117jW.j]

2024-01-11 jw [Input: ZI111jW.j]

2024-01-30 jw [Input: ZI130jW.j]

2024-01-30 jw [Input: ZI130jW.j]

2024-01-30 jw [Input: ZI130jW.j]

2024-01-30 jw [Input: ZI130jW.j]

2024-01-30 jw [Input: ZI130jW.j]

2024-01-30 jw [Input: ZI130jW.j]

2024-01-30 jw [Input: ZI130jW.j]

2024-01-30 jw [Input: ZI130jW.j]

2024-01-30 jw [Input: ZI130jW.j]

2024-01-30 jw [Input: ZI130jW.j]

2024-01-30 jw [Input: ZI130jW.j]